The Carniolan originated in the fresh new historical provinces away from Carniola, Carinthia and you can Styria, and that means areas of progressive-time Austria and you may Slovenia

  • Large honey-bee (Apis dorsata)
  • Little honey bee (Apis florea)
  • Eastern honey bee (Apis cerana)
  • West honey bee (Apis mellifera)

The types based in the You, Apis mellifera, in reality includes several interbreeding subspecies, including An effective. m. ligustica, the fresh Italian bee; and you may A great .meters. mellifera, this new German dark bee. These types of subspecies, otherwise racing, might be differentiated from several other by the morphological functions and often and additionally because of the behavioral and you will ecological faculties.

Honey bees may be the just pests that produce a supper you to definitely people consume – honey. And you will honey ‘s the only food including the substances wanted to suffer existence, and drinking water.

As mentioned prior to, new honey bee is not indigenous to United states however, are produced by settlers and you can colonists during the early 1600s. The native a number of A great. mellifera includes Europe, the middle East and you can Africa, however it is today marketed global for its high-level out of honey development and you can pollination behavior.

Over the years, each other natural and you can controlled breeding has triggered hybrids or any other subsets regarding honey bees with original qualities compared to those regarding its ancestors. The most economically essential races, hybrids or other subsets regarding honey bees in the North america was revealed less than.

German black colored bee (Apis mellifera mellifera)

The Italian language black bee is famous by many people names, like the European black bee and English ebony bee. Which bee are indigenous to north Europe and you can try the first honey bee taken to America because of the very early settlers throughout the 17th century. Italian language black bees tend to be black colored otherwise brownish, as well as are slightly bigger than other varieties of honey bees. He or she is however acclimated in order to moist, cold climates, and you may overwinter incredibly really. Yet not, they are sluggish to build about springtime consequently they are runny (that’s, afraid or excitable towards combs). Absolute strains of one’s Italian language black bee are seemingly docile, however, hybrids together with other subspecies range from defensive to help you extremely competitive. Italian language black colored bees are not commercially ready in the united states, and it is unrealistic that natural challenges of competition are present any place in North america.

Italian honey bee (Apis mellifera ligustica)

Italian honey bees, to begin with from the Italian peninsula southern of Alps, were launched on Us in 1859. Italian personnel bees try pale-yellow to help you light brown, that have brownish or black groups on instinct. Italian queen bees include deep compared to gurus, making it simpler to acquire new king inside a nest. Even when Italian honey bees are flexible so you’re able to a wide range of weather, they don’t do well inside components that have cooler, severe winter seasons and chill, damp springs. Territories can occasionally continue to rear brood following the honey disperse stops, which makes them more likely to starve while in the enough time winters. Italian honey bees likewise have a healthier tendency to rob and you can are more prone to drifting than other events. In the event the weather is good, they establish easily in the spring season as they are advanced level comb makers. He has got just a medium tendency to swarm plus don’t do continuously propolis. Italian honey bees try apparently soft consequently they are strong honey providers, causing them to widely known bee in america and a great selection for beginning beekeepers.

Carniolan honey bee (Apis mellifera carnica)

Following Italian bee, the new Carniolan bee has become the most generally marketed competition off honey bee all over the world. not, it’s likely that Carniolans were found in the whole Danube Area out-of Germany regarding the west so you’re able to Romania and Bulgaria when you look at the the newest east. This type of bees possess a slender gray to help you grayish-brownish human body. They also have an extended tongue that enables them to gather nectar lista Г¶ver de lГ¤nder som har de vackraste kvinnorna from vegetation one to most other honey bees don’t supply. Such really docile bees are fantastic brush suppliers which use extremely little propolis. Carniolans have the ability to forage with the much cooler and you can wetter months, ultimately causing explosive build-right up in early spring season. Which fast generate-upwards, however, contributes to an elevated habit of swarm. Strong honey manufacturing and gentleness was attributes that make the brand new Carniolan useful for beginning beekeepers.

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