Is Infant Jesus Academy really a Catholic School?
Yes it is a Catholic School. The Catholic ethos forms the standard that guides the affairs of the school. The Catholic Bishop of Issele-Uku is the Patron clergy of the school. The Academy has a resident Priest who renders both Pastoral and Spiritual guide to the school. However, the school does not discriminate any learner or staff on the basis of religious denomination. In terms of employment and admissions every candidate has equal opportunities.
What are the details of the entrance examinations?
For admission into Year 7 (JS1), a two-hour entrance examination is written in English Language and Mathematics. Admission into other years requires examinations in English Language, Mathematics and one other subject such as Basic Science for Year 8 (JS2), or Economics or Biology for Years 10 or 11 (SS1 or 2).
Is Infant Jesus Academy very expensive?
Contrary to popular belief, fees at IJA are amongst the most affordable of any private secondary school in Asaba. This has been the case for several years.
When can I visit my child in the school?
Parents, carers, family and friends are welcome to visit learners on the prescribed Sundays twice per term. Visitors should report to the school gate, where security staff will receive them. From the gate, they then proceed to the school hall. The hostels are out of bounds to visitors. Parents and carers who have made an appointment with a member of staff that does not require the presence of their child are unable to see their child before leaving the school premises.
How does IJA deal with bullies?
We are clear that bullying is not part of the IJA way of doing things. Learners who wish to defy our ethos of Christian servanthood by bullying others will not do so as part of our school community. We will exercise our right to exclude (meaning to suspend or expel) any learner engaging in such behaviours.
How does the school help learners develop morally?
The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our learners is of great importance to the Infant Jesus Academy. As well as through the formal curriculum itself, learners are supported in growing in these areas through assemblies, the pastoral system and the chaplaincy. Further support is given through our behaviour and rewards system, by which learners are encouraged to give of their best and to make their best better, to do the right thing even when no-one is watching and to put the interests of others in their community ahead of their own.
Does my child have to be Roman Catholic to attend IJA?
No. The Infant Jesus Academy is a Christian school of Catholic tradition. However, no learner is discriminated against on the basis of denomination, religion, ethnic background or any other defining characteristic. Your child does not need to be Roman Catholic to attend IJA.
Can school fees be paid in instalments?

School fees can be paid either termly or annually. Discounts are applied to fees paid for the year; and further discounts are offered for siblings.

Does the school have a resident priest?
The school has a resident priest (the school Chaplain), who provides pastoral support for learners, staff and parents. He also provides for the sacramental life of the entire school community, and is responsible for the planning and celebration of daily Mass.
Are phones and other devices allowed on the premises?

Learners are not permitted to keep phones or other electronic gadgets or devices with them on site. All such items found on site will be confiscated. Telephone contact between learners and their families is to be made using the hostel telephones kept by the House Parents.

Are there day school admissions?
Yes. We are delighted to have welcomed our first cohort of day school learners, into year 7, in September 2021. Applications for Years 7 and 8 are most welcome for this coming September.