Is Infant Jesus Academy really a Catholic School?
Yes it is a Catholic School. The Catholic ethos forms the standard that guides the affairs of the school. The Catholic Bishop of Issele-Uku is the Patron clergy of the school. The Academy has a resident Priest who renders both Pastoral and Spiritual guide to the school. However, the school does not discriminate any student or staff on the basis of religious denomination. In terms of employment and admissions every candidate has equal opportunities.
What are the details of the entrance examinations?
For admission into JSS 1 (Year 7) the entrance examination is written on English language and Mathematics alone for a minimum period of two hours. Admission into other classes also requires examinations in English language and Mathematics and one other subject such as Basic Science (for JSS 2) or Economics/Biology (for SSS 1 or 2).
Is Infant Jesus Academy very expensive?
No, it is about the cheapest boarding school in Asaba. For the past four years there has been no upward review of the school fee. The fee still remains N240,000 per term.
Can students bring and keep their own provisions in school?
Students are not allowed to keep any provisions with them. The students are adequately fed. All items of food left with the students during parents’ visits are confiscated.
When can I visit my child in the school?
Parents, guardians, relations and friends are welcome on the prescribed Sundays twice a term between 12.00 noon and 5.00pm. Visitors should report to the school gate where the security staff will receive them. From the gate they then proceed to the school hall. The students’ hostels are out of bounds to visitors. Teachers on duty and form teachers are always available on the visiting days to deal with any problems. If on the other hand, a parent has appointment with the school administration on a matter that does not require the presence of his/her child, such a parent cannot see the child before leaving the school premises.
Do you have bullies at Infant Jesus Academy?
There is absolutely zero tolerance for bullying at Infant Jesus Academy, Asaba. Pockets of students who tried defying the school’s rule on that in the past blamed themselves for even attempting that. There is this communal relationship that exists within the community of Infant Jesus Academy. Heavy sanctions come on any student found bullying another student. This is clearly enshrined in the schools’ rules and regulations which every student and parent signed up to.
What is the moral and academic standard of the school like?
A popular word at the award of Diploma/Certificate in any good institution is that “this candidate has been found worthy in character and learning”. Our guiding principle is our school motto: Honesty, Hard work and Humility. With the spiritual and pastoral guide from the chaplaincy and the drilling from seasoned professional teachers, students of Infant Jesus Academy, Asaba have always been ahead of others within the region in character and excellent academic result. This is a tradition that cannot be toyed with.
Does my child have to be a catholic to be admitted into IJA?
Though, Infant Jesus Academy is a Catholic School established based on Catholic ethos, the students come from different religious and denominational background. No student is discriminated against on the basis of denomination, religion or ethnic background. Succinctly, you child does not need to be a Catholic to be admitted into Infant Jesus Academy.
Can school fees be paid in instalments?

School fees can either be paid termly or annually. Discount is applied on school fees paid for the year and for siblings.

Does the school have a resident priest?
The school has a resident priest (the school Chaplain), who provides pastoral support for students, staff and parents. He also provides for the sacramental life of the entire school community, and is responsible for the planning and celebration of daily Mass.
Are phones and other devices allowed on the premises?

Students are not allowed to keep phones and other electronic gadgets whilst on campus. They are considered as contrabands and will be confiscated for return to the parents at the end of the term. However, parents are allowed to call their children/wards through the designated number of the Hostel Matron/Warden.

Are there day school admissions?
Infant Jesus Academy is a full boarding School. Day school admissions are not available at this time.