Pasco County Drug Dealer Sentenced to Life Imprisonment CW Tampa

Sounds like they should be grateful to Pasco because criminals don’t just do crime in one place. A burgaler locked up in pasco keeps homes in Hernando and Hillsborough safer as well. Sophia maybe you should have payed more attention to your girl I mean 4 times you didn’t notice a change 8n her behavior?

pasco county drug bust today

Please, take your rose colored glasses off Karen, and watch the body cam footage. It isn;t just the cops looking for a wanted individual. It repeated harassment that turns into more. Just because her son is not there and does not live there does not give PCSO the right to harass, assault or intimidate these people. “Yup, your rights will get you dead and arrested”?!

He also said two people connected to the brothers overdosed and survived and that the brothers could face attempted murder charges relating to those overdoses. According to testimony and evidence presented at trial, Lebarron and his girlfriend, co-defendant Brittney Smith, operated a drug house in New Port Richey where they sold fentanyl and methamphetamine. They also allowed addicts to use narcotics and sleep there. Law enforcement officers observed White leave his residence after a bag was loaded into his car. A deputy from the Pasco Sheriff’s Office pulled over White’s car for a traffic violation and found approximately an additional pound of fentanyl, almost a half-kilogram of cocaine, more than $29,000 in cash, four additional firearms, and assorted ammunition. As a conservative WASP it makes my blood boil to hear that LEOs may be arrogantly dismissing ANYONES civil rights in this fashion.

“Pasco County Sheriff Had Secret Target List” – Lucy Morgan – St. Petersburg Times

Every citizen is at risk because of these unethical tactics so be very very careful if you live in Pasco County. They are geniuses in creating trumped up charges. The quote made by the police officer is their moto….”either die, death, or arrest”. I have been in Pasco my whole life just about !! Lot of money , classes , drug test , check in , pay this , do this , then in the end send my _ ss back to prison any way .. Now been out like 5 years still no drivers license they want like close to 40 Grand I I have a judgement on me and when I pay that .

  • Only 63 percent of Florida facilities accept Medicaid and 35 percent accept private insurance.
  • According to court documents, on January 17, 2020, deputies from the Pasco Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant at Crowder’s residence and recovered 325 grams of methamphetamine from a safe inside the home.
  • Nelson White, of Holiday, was also arrested and charged with conspiracy.
  • If it is illegal for a citizen to do it, it is unlawful for a cop to do it.
  • Because addiction is often driven by mental health difficulties, care for co-occurring disorders is also key to lasting recovery.

The former means he’s still serving his sentence and needs to check-in weekly . Either way, he’s probably a scumbag and needs PAROLE revoked and needs to be returned to jail. Too many times these alcohol allergy with hives scumbags get out on PAROLE and re-offend. With something worse…every day I read about it, and I’m sick of it. It appears to me that Pasco’s deputies are stalking and harassing his mother.

“Expert: Pasco Sheriff Mishandled Death Cases” – Lucy Morgan – St. Petersburg Times

If it is illegal for a citizen to do it, it is unlawful for a cop to do it. To believe otherwise divides us into a caste system. According to Pasco County Court records, Kate’s son was arrested in June on stalking and assault charges. Pasco County is not just going after illegal drug dealers. They are also one of more than a thousand local governments suing drug companies and distributors in federal court for their role in the opioid epidemic.

pasco county drug bust today

During the execution of the search warrants of the two houses, agents recovered more than a half-kilogram of fentanyl, almost a kilogram of cocaine, five firearms – including two that had been reported stolen – and more than $370,000 in cash. During an interview with law enforcement, Hill admitted to his involvement in drug trafficking, ownership of the seized guns, and that the money was the result of drug proceeds. Also you can’t under the law target and harass the family of a suspected criminal. That’s the problem with a lot of people now days they don’t want to follow the laws as they are written and intended. You ever let govt violate them for the people you don’t like don’t be surprised the day they are violating yours. Under your thinking its the same as saying it’s if a 1000 guilty are behind bars then 1 innocent wrongly convicted is acceptable.

“Official Recommended Job Applicants Who Lied” – Lucy Morgan and Jack Reed – St. Petersburg Times

Then they want payment plan for 10 grand after judgment payed . So I can file bankruptcy witch is 2500 for lawyer and still have the ten gs on the back side payments witch not bad but I can’t save 50 cents right now. Pasco will ruin urlife if you wanna walk that path .

pasco county drug bust today

A Pasco County woman is suing Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco after she said deputies enforcing the agency’s controversial Intelligence-Led Policing program violated her constitutional rights. More than 75,000 Americans died from overdoses of synthetic opioids, mainly fentanyl, in the 12-month period ending in February. That translated to 8,800 potentially lethal doses of fentanyl confiscated by New Port Richey police. When officers investigated, they saw that the sleeping driver was holding a large bag of white powder on his lap.

When she asked whether other homes in the area also were cited, she was told, “Nope, but they’re also not hiding someone who is committing a felony,” the suit said. According to Kates, deputies began showing up to her house to look for her son in March. When she informed deputies her son didn’t live there, she said they took information on vehicles or searched around her property. The sheriff’s office reports 31 overdose-related deaths between October and November of 2017. The same time this year, one month after the busy, the sheriff’s office reports overdose-related deaths have dropped to 18 deaths.

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He told the Deputies that he was trying to get to Michigan where family was waiting for him, but he was too tired from walking. In my personal opinion this sounds like an impermissible Selective Enforcement violation of Equal Protection based on this lady’s familial relation to a previously arrested person. If what she alleges is true that’s simply unethical. Further – Unreasonable search and seizure is one of the reasons the US fought the war of independence from the UK.

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Most of the people here complaining are probably criminals anyway. Yes, there are inexperienced cops with personal bias that affect their work. Every line of work has these people but they are few and far between. alcohol poisoning and binge drinking It seems to me the entire system is based on probability. It is well known that certain experiences and characteristics in combination contribute to the probability of an individual becoming a career criminal.

After banging loudly on the door and startling Ms. Kates and her family, PCSO deputies again asked for Ms. Kates’ son. Ms. Kates again informed deputies that Ryan did not reside there, and repeatedly asked deputies to leave her property, but deputies did not acquiesce for some time,” the suit said. I-Team Investigator Kylie McGivern found out that list is growing. Since the I-Team’s report earlier this month, the number has grown from more than 1,400 lawsuits filed in federal court – to more than 1,500.

With all the rampant crime and surging violence, one can’t be sure it’s the police or a criminal. Stand your ground laws may be a valid defense against a dead police officer. signs of a functioning alcoholic He was arrested for stalking and harassment. I understand what you’re saying but obviously he didn’t live there and his Mom obviously wasn’t trying to hide him.

So please have a heart and try and Translate whatever language autocorrect speaks. Understanding what you read should be a pretty requirement to commenting. Kates said she experienced all that and more after her son was released on parole and became a target of ILP. Eileen Kates is the latest Pasco resident to accuse the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office of violating constitutional protections through its predictive policing program, which Nocco himself has likened to prescience in the film Minority Report. “. . .Governor Bob Graham appointed Phillips as interim sheriff today. He’ll take over at noon today when the suspension of Sheriff John M. Short is effective. . .” “. . .In an emotional phone call broadcast Friday morning by WDCF in Dade City, realtor Lewis Abraham asked Short either to deny that the sheriff’s office ever investigated him or to submit himself to an examination that would determine if Short was lying. . .”

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Targeting children that have certain situaltions and liwer grades andxtargeting homes of people After the people are released from prison, not to arrest the individual but simply because at sone time they were arrested is BS!!! People should not be harrasessed by the police becausecthey might someday commit a crime. The mother told PCSO that her son didn’t live there and after they searched and didn’t find him they should have left immediately. They chose to stick around for a while to find a reason to justify themselves. According to reports, on the night of January 7, 2020, a fatal overdose occurred in the house.

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